Ehi world!

An energetic and free spirited artist, Ehi Obinyan has developed mastery for the combined use of watercolor and gouache Medium he calls [WaterCombo’]. Ehi is a product of the [Art School of Painting & General Arts] at the famous Federal Polytechnic college At Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria where he graduated with distinctions, (Painting Major).

Saddled with an infectious enthusiasm for life, He is eclectic in his chosen theme and distinct in style. Passion and zeal rule his brushes as he works with gouache, acrylic and oil medium. Many of his works draw their inspiration from a reservoir of deep spiritual influences that stretch from the ancient Kingdom of Benin through to the modern tech World.

His regular illustrative exploits are symbols-Finished’, Portrait-Mask’, Motif-Attire, aquatic surroundings and figures of all tribes and cultures on the Globe. In particular, his experimentation with the human faces has given birth to a series of works(Portrait-Mask) in which he explains.. underscores the diversities of facial expressions, including their hidden meanings. With several exhibitions to his credit including the Garage Gallery, San Francisco, Ehi Obinyan, during his Studio Practice in Lagos was one of the most talented and eclectic artists on the Nigerian scene. In 2006 he moved to San Francisco Bay Area where he lives and works.