About Ehi

Born on May 1st 1964 in Monrovia, Liberia (W/Africa), I started drawing at the age of 7. By age 12, I was deep into craft, making mini barbecue stands out of copper wire, and toy cars out of tin cans, as toys for my friends. I also made a puppet theater with cut outs of my drawings. And with card-boards, I created candlelight entertainment theater for audiences up to 30, comprising of my neighborhood kids. I continued building on my skills throughout high school.

In 1992 I graduated with distinction from the School of Arts and Design, Federal Polytechnic in Auchi, Nigeria,( Painting major). My first professional job as an artist was ( Concept Studio-Lead), at CITYGATE ADVERTISING in Lagos, Nigeria,(1993). My dream of becoming a studio artist came to fruition in 1995 when I and my friend and fellow artist, Paul Ogbebor, established the largest indoor Fine Art Studio (called Curio Studio), with four fellow graduate artists in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. We did it all, exhibitions, open studios, art instructions, consulting, group shows at established galleries in Lagos and Abuja and the (FTC). We also participated with the training of interns, new painting graduates, in accordance with the federal mandated one year (internship)[National Youth Service Corps.]. Being a Studio Artist was a full time employment for me until I departed Africa.
In 2006 I immigrated to the United States. I have resided in the San Francisco Bay Area since then, continuing my profession as a studio artist. My first public showing was at the GARAGE GALLERY( 30 paintings) in down town San Francisco 2008/2009. I have been engaged in several café showings in North Beach and other locations in San Francisco Bay Area. I took my art on the road between 2009-2016, participating in several outdoor art festivals in the Bay Area with [ Pacific Fine Arts], the Annual Black Arts Festival in Atlanta Georgia, The Downtown Arts Fest. OAKLAND, Several Group Showings at Expression Gallery, ArThou Gallery, and Firehouse Gallery, all in Berkeley California. I have large Collections presently in Africa, Sweden, and the US.
Currently on display at ARTSHAK GALLERY in south Port, NC. I currently live and paint out of Vallejo, Northern California.